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Memory Leg Pillow

Memory Leg Pillow

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  Aligns The Hips & Spine

  Promotes Blood Circulation

  Fall Asleep Faster & Deeper

  Quality Memory Foam

  Doctor Recommended


Revolutionize Your Sleep

This innovative pillow provides exceptional support and targeted pressure relief for your legs, knees, back, and hips, ensuring a night of uninterrupted relaxation and waking up refreshed with alleviated strain on your muscles and joints.


Complete Body Alignment

The Memory Leg Pillow aligns the whole body, including the spine and legs so that no excess amount of pressure or stretch is exerted on the muscles and joints. This allows for the affected areas, such as joint inflammation, knee and lower back pain, or sciatica to heal and slowly recover.


Improved Blood Flow

By relieving pressure on the affected areas, the Memory Leg Pillow allows for improved blood flow which in return helps the body to deliver increased amounts of nutrients and oxygen-rich blood that lead to reduced inflammation and faster recovery times. 



Ergonomic And Hypoallergenic

The Memory Leg Pillow is hypoallergenic and made of 100% premium memory foam that contours to fit the shape of your knees and legs. It also has an ergonomic crescent shape with smooth & rounded edges, which supports multiple sleep positions and allows you to bend your knees freely.



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