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Take Your Abs, Arms, Legs, And Booty Exercise To The Next Level

During a traditional workout, your brain sends signals to the muscles you're using to tell them to contract. Our IronCore uses EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) technology to send the same signal, directly to the muscles you want to focus on. EMS has been used by athletes and physical therapists for over 30 years, which is why we guarantee success!



Toned And Chiseled Abs

With consistent use of the IronCore, you will see your abs develop into a more shapely and toned physique giving you that 6 Pack you’ve always wanted.

For those looking for help with some extra belly fat, our device aids in your goal of decreasing your belly size, breaking down body fat cells, and giving you a more leaner stomach that you're looking for.

 10 Strengths 6 Modes, 6 Different Massage Types

More Muscular Arms And Legs 

On top of your current exercise routine, IronCore can help to increase your muscle size as well as muscle strength in your biceps and triceps, giving more defined and sculpted-looking arms.

Just like with your arms, your leg muscles hugely benefit from the proper use of our device, giving your hamstrings and calves that extra volume and muscle mass your always looking for on leg day.



Firm And Curvy Booty

The perfect booty…who doesn’t want one?

Just like with your arms or abs, IronCore works its magic by contracting the different muscles of your glutes, giving the results that you wished you got from all those squats and hip thrusts. A well-rounded, firm, and shapely booty, with all the curves to go with it.

For those looking to slim down their backside, this works great for getting rid of the excess fat cells allowing you to get that slimmer figure and more shapely booty. On top of that, it works great on cellulite as well. When your muscles contract over time, essentially tightening and growing, this causes a reduction in cellulite that you see in the area.

Health Disclaimer

It is essential to consult with a qualified healthcare professional before starting any new health or wellness program, including but not limited to exercise, dietary changes, or supplementation. Individual results may vary based on personal health circumstances and genetics.

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